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People are the key to success...

He is literally a cosmopolitan visionary and more than two decades ago he already discovered the signs of the times: Roland Klaus Trost laid the foundation then for today’s RKT Übersetzungs und Dokumentations-GmbH, based in Schramberg-Sulgen. As an insider in the machine construction business, the company founder who was brimming full of ideas, was convinced that his customers could utilize perfect technical translations as a competitive advantage when expanding into export markets.

After setting up an organization and sales office, the man with a bent for foreign languages started establishing his company on the market. Since then he has become one of the first addresses in the business as far as international product communication is concerned. The success story behind RKT? The language services provider fulfills his role as innovative market player and future-oriented developer. The originally risky business model with full-time employed translators not only proved the company's founder to be right in terms of translation quality, but also in being successful: people are the key to success.

This is why we employ translators, project managers, DTP experts for image processing of documents as well as programmers in the various departments. All in all, a team of more then 30 full-time experts look after the overall technical translation process. The “in-house full service” for language services offers customers considerable direct benefits. Excellent translation quality, fast and on-time delivery are part of our supply guarantee, as are cross-language teamwork on multi-language projects or intensive training on site at the customer to describe complex technical processes.

“RKT - connects people” is corporate philosophy. Customer satisfaction is lived as a basic principle at the literally "prize-winning" top service provider. Not surprisingly Roland Klaus Trost’s view of the future is a confident “being human lasts longest”.


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