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No "false friends“ here…

If a toilet suddenly has doors and shelves, then you know something went horribly wrong in translation. The German word “Klosett” (= toilet) and the English word “closet” (= small, enclosed space, cabinet or cupboard) have totally different meanings. These translators’ traps are aptly referred to as “false friends” (French “faux amis”).

If two words from different languages are spelled the same or sound similar, then it pays to be on your toes. The Dutch word “doof” is not an insult, it simply means “deaf”, whereas in German in means “silly”. The Dutch word “bellen” does not mean “a dog's bark” as in German, but means “ringing” or being “on the telephone”.

Bring in the experts...
Our translators are experts on “false friends” in all languages and ensure that your translations are to the point, error-free and correct in terms of content. Our terminology experts and main translators work together smoothly and efficiently on your multilingual order. These so-called “work islands” in our company ensure quick communications as all persons involved in the project share the same spatial facilities. Queries on content and language are solved immediately. Our workflow procedures prove themselves daily. Small and large multilingual projects are handled directly together with your personal project manager.


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