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To give you the best of competence and experience we literally travel the world for you and your products from our desks. Whether a last-minute job or a long planned one, your wishes are our focus. We take the time to listen to your wishes and work fast and flexibly on technical translations to the highest level. Every order is basically an “all inclusive”: guaranteed know-how, professional and linguistic competence as well as long years of experience in addition to on-time delivery and cost control.

And where do our travels take us? RKT is an expert for technical translations, such as operating and service manuals as well as user handbooks to mention just a few types of documents. We work in the fields of solar and energy technology, mechanical engineering, electronics and electrical engineering and are equally at home in medical technology, software, communications technology, quality assurance and plastics engineering.

Understandable and professionally prepared technical documentation is the business card of any company. Customer satisfaction is positively influenced in the long run and may even be measured in Euros and Cents. Current research statistics show: the quality of any documentation also reflects on the quality of the product. We keep pace with global changes and are happy to translate your requirements, from legal contracts to advertising copy.

And as we do everything to allow you to lean back and make you almost feel like on holiday, our project managers keep a constant overview and you can be sure: we treat your resources with care, help you reduce costs and meet your quality expectations. By the way: we are also happy to translate any type of document not mentioned here for you.


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