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IQT® - Intelligent Quick Translation

A highly effective translation service for small jobs which need to be delivered fast and at best quality.

For example, you can order 1 to 2 pages, a few text lines or even only a few terms, if required in up to 30 languages.
Upon request, your order is completed within a few hours, depending on the volume of text, – and even in less then 30 minutes, if required.

A "virtually fully automated" workflow reduces administration to such a low level, that we can dispense with the usual minimum order value for you as a customer.

Qualified "full-blooded" translators take care of translations immediately.

You can choose between all commercial western and eastern European as well as several Asian languages.

IQT ® is the perfect solution for each office or administration as well as all departments and (foreign) subsidiaries where fast and cost-efficient foreign language support is required - worldwide.

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