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From a hidden champion to a global player…

Secure your position in the field of international competition and benefit from our many years of experience and professionalism. We can actively advise and support you in setting up or expanding your foreign language management to help you market your products abroad successfully. Many companies have already come to this conclusion and have extended their language portfolio from a few languages to 10, 15 or even more than 30 languages. By the way, some 6.7 billion people on this earth speak 7000 languages in 200 countries, with one amazing fact: they all know one word…

Two letters have conquered the world...
… we will let you in on the secret: all international experts agree, the most commonly used word worldwide is “okay”. And whilst it may be impossible to conclusively clarify why the two letters “OK” head the international word ranking, a number of language scholars are convinced this results from a linguistic fluke from the year 1838 where American newspapers printed the word “oll korrect” as a joke. Others postulate this comes from the similar sounding French “Au quai!” for the successful mooring of ships in harbors. Or is the origin Indian, where “okeh” means “indeed”? And then there are those who are convinced the abbreviation stems from the Greek “ola kalá” which means “all in order”. And finally, Otto Krause, an inspector at Ford’s assembly line, supposedly marked all checked automobiles with his initials, so maybe he is the original “OK” pioneer. Well, those are the theories, but how about foreign languages in practice?

Sweden to the front?...
Why should Swedish be included in operating instructions? A good answer is, that Sweden belongs to the richest countries in the world and is the main language in Scandinavia, also understood by Danes and Norwegians. Also good to know, is that Germany is Bulgaria’s largest trade partner involving over 5000 German companies, of which some 1200 are operating locally. Another interesting aspect: nine million people speak Bulgarian, partly in Greece, Turkey, the Ukraine and Romania. And who would have thought that German is also among the top ten languages spoken worldwide.

Talking Chinese...
Top of the list: a fifth of the global population speaks Chinese, roughly 1.3 billion people. And if you get the impression we are talking Chinese, you are quite right. We do not only translate from and into all common European and eastern European languages, but also Asian languages. Indonesian is spoken by approx. 200 million people and even you know at least one Indonesian word: “orangutan”, which literally means “person of the woods” and is the most well-known Indonesian word worldwide.

And how about Spanish? Spanish is the official language in 21 countries, including Panama, Uruguay and Venezuela.

As you can see, foreign languages are playing an increasingly important role for successful operations in a globalized world. RKT can coach your company and escort you professionally, cost-efficiently and with considerable experience along the road of internationalization – from a hidden champion to a global player.


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